Smartphones – Much More Than a ‘Phone’

The definition of ‘phone’ is changing day by day. When Alexander Graham Bell had invented telephone years ago, he would have never imagined the extent of transformation/enhancement his invention would undergo in future. More than a decade ago, mobile phones brought a revolutionary change in the arena of telecommunications. Mobile phones provide the dimension of ‘mobility’ to telephonic communication. They give freedom from wires!

Today, we have moved a step further. This is the age of ‘smart phones’. They have broadened the realm covered by telephones. A smartphone is a full-featured mobile phone with advanced information access features. That means, the phone can not only be used for conversation but also for accessing information, say through e-mails, Web browsing and so on. Basically, a smartphone is a voice-centric device that offer PDA-like capabilities. oppo f17 pro

The advanced information access features in smartphones are especially useful for people who are on frequent business tours, such as sales managers. Such people require frequent access to their email, calendar and other mobile applications while they are away from the office. Laptops are quite bulky. For them, smartphones offer a ‘pocketable’ solution! Travelers prefer multiband GSM technology in their phones as it allows them to stay connected from virtually anywhere in the world.

Most smartphones are camera phones that support full-featured e-mail capabilities with the full functionality of a complete personal organiser. The Bluetooth technology enables you to connect wirelessly to other Bluetooth devices. These phones offer the feature of push e-mail that enables travelling business people/sales guys to receive official mails in real time by being in sync with company’s server.
A smartphone has a built-in support for MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint and PDF documents. So, you can work on your business documents even when you are away from office. This helps to enhance productivity.