How To Pull And Date Women

How to pull and date women is an age old question that men have been asking themselves for many years. Unfortunately, there are no rules set in stone on how to pull women because attraction is really not a choice. Most women will have their own idea of what they consider attractive in a man and no matter how attractive you think you are, they just won’t be able to see it!

We all have our own wish lists when it comes to dating someone, for example some people may look for looks first and personality second and others may do vice versa. People are attracted to different things including personality traits, body language and physical features; therefore you cannot force someone to be attracted to you if they are not. Attraction is more about a chemical reaction than a choice so it is necessary for men to really understand what women want if they want to be successful pulling and dating women. As well as knowing how what women want, it is also important to know what you want from women. For example if you have a certain type, don’t compromise this just because you feel another type of woman may be easier to pull.

Here are a few tips to increase your success in the dating world. หนังโป๊


  • Think about your body language. Most women are great at reading body language so watch what you are doing when you are talking to her. Think about how you walk, talk and your posture and try and present yourself in a confident manner. Women love confidence and you are definitely more likely to pull and date a woman if you put on a confident persona.
  • Work on your conversation. If you are starting a conversation with a woman, make eye contact with her and maintain it for as long as acceptable. Listen to what she is saying and really show an interest- this will make her feel special. A good way of successfully pulling a woman is to make intelligent conversation with her and make her laugh.
  • Make sure you look your best. If a woman sees that you have made an effort with your clothes and your general appearance they are sure to be impressed. A well-groomed man shows that he looks after himself and cares what he looks like. Just don’t go over the top and come across as vain as this can be extremely off-putting for a lot of women!
  • Confidence. There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence so make sure you don’t cross it as this could potentially destroy your chances of pulling and dating a woman. Don’t brag about yourself but also don’t be afraid to talk about your achievements in a relaxed and humble manner. Try and retain an air of mystery when first meeting a woman. This means not telling her your life story within 5 minutes of meeting her. This is not only overwhelming but it means that a woman won’t want to meet up again as they already know everything there is to know about you!